Welcome to Williston Trinity Christian School. We are the HOME OF THE CRUSADERS! We invite you to learn more about our school, our teachers, and life at WTCS.

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Life at WTCS

Why Williston Trinity Christian School?

  • Proven Track Record: Founded in 1992, WTCS has grown to over 280 students today.  A number of teachers have been with WTCS for over ten years.  We continue to meet the needs of families as witnessed by the addition of preschool and kindergarten.
  • Christian Peer Group: Parents choose WTCS for their children because they agree with our mission statement and core values. Junior high and high school students make their own personal choice to attend WTCS by signing a student covenant. Consequently, we can assume that they agree on what is right or wrong. WTCS strives to assure that common problems in our society are not present in our school. We have zero tolerance for bullying, swearing, drinking, drugs, smoking, inappropriate clothing, defiance and disrespect. Upper classmen are taught to serve as role models and mentors. We believe that our student body is the exception and not the norm when it comes to making right choices and promoting positive peer pressure.
  • Christian Teachers: Our teachers care about developing Godly character in the lives of our children in addition to maintaining order in the classroom and teaching with excellence. Teachers take time to pray with students in the classroom. Typically you’ll hear them relate that they have been called by God to teach in a Christian school.
  • Academic Excellence: WTCS offers a top-rate education with Bible class considered to be a core class. Students are not accepted or rejected on the basis of their academic ability. However, parents and students must agree with our mission, statement of faith and curriculum. Also, they must accept that prayer will be a part of daily classroom practice and that faculty will teach from God’s Word, the Bible.
  • Affordable Tuition: Tuition rates are among the lowest in the state of North Dakota for a private, interdenominational Christian school.  We have an excellent tuition assistance program.  We strive to make WTCS affordable for any family.
  • Small Class Size: Preschool & Prekindergarten accept a total of 16 students per class.  Each class has a teacher and an aide.  Our kindergarten classes accept up to 20 students – each classroom has a teacher and an aide.  First grade through 12th grade classes are capped at 24 students. This allows for more personal attention.
  • Parental Involvement: Parents are encouraged and welcomed to participate wherever volunteer help is needed. They can visit their child’s classroom at any time. Research shows that the best education occurs in schools that have a high level of parental support and involvement.
  • Atmosphere: WTCS is committed to providing a safe and peaceful environment for our students and faculty. Students become close-knit in many cases, almost like family. They often encourage and support one another in many ways. Teacher/student relationships are generally very solid, exhibiting mutual respect and concern.
  • Biblical Basis: Parents are primarily responsible for the spiritual education and well being of their child.
  • WTCS Brings Out the Best: We do not seek the best students; we seek the best from our students.