Family Information



Church Attendance

Students attending Williston Trinity Christian School are strongly encouraged to attend church regularly. Our purpose is to help Christian youth grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ according to 2 Peter 3:18. Faithful church attendance helps create a balance in life and allows the students to see life from God’s point of view.


Additional Report Cards

Additional copies of report cards, school reports, etc. can be mailed to:

Are there restrictions on who can pick up your child up from school?

Is there currently a court-ordered document preventing your child from seeing anyone?

If so, please provide the office with a copy of the document upon registering your child.

In the past 12 months, has the student had disciplinary difficulties, been suspended from school, or been in trouble with
the law?

Has your child ever been tested for or is currently receiving any of the following:




The undersigned hereby does release and discharge Williston Trinity Christian School (WTCS), its employees, board members and agents from any claims, lawsuits and/or damages whatsoever for any alleged injury to my child. The undersigned also agrees to defend and indemnify Williston Trinity Christian School (WTCS), its employees, board members and agents from any claims and/or lawsuits made by any person or entity on behalf of my child.

Statement of Parent Support

As parent(s) we recognize that we are fully responsible for our child(ren).  In placing our child(ren) in Williston Trinity Christian School, we place him/her under the authority of the school and will support the goals and standards of the school.  We agree to the following:  


  1. I will contribute my time and abilities to the school continually, as needed.  
  2. I will support and uphold the school staff and board in matters of discipline.  
  3. I will encourage my child in positive attitudes toward the school by my own conversation and attitude.  
  4. I will cooperate in training my child to respect school property and pay for any abuse or damages.  
  5. I will attend parent functions, if at all possible.  
  6. I will contact the school concerning any problem or grievance.  I will not discuss a school problem with friends or other parents until it has been dealt with through the proper channels (i.e., discussing it with the teacher, administrator or board member, as appropriate).  
  7. I will make prompt tuition payments and notify the business manager if a problem arises.  
  1. I will give immediate attention to any academic concerns expressed by the staff.

We hereby certify that the information submitted in this application is both true and accurate.  We have read and agree to abide by the above Parent Commitment and the guidelines in the student handbook, including the school’s Statement of Faith or Statement of Parent Support . 

As parents we specifically agree to: (MUST be signed by both)

1) Pay full tuition and fees as agreed upon by the parent and the school.

2) Participate in the school’s three fundraising events. 

3) Serve the required volunteer hours. 

4) Support the school’s cell phone/iPod/iPad (and all other electronic devices) policy.

5) Support the school’s dress code policy.

6) Hold our child(ren) accountable for promptness when arriving at school in the morning and passing from class to class throughout the day.

7) Provision of a laptop and secured internet access for students with usage only in approved school settings and during appropriate class periods. 

8) Hold our child(ren) accountable for turning in homework assignments and projects on time, understanding penalties will be enforced when this is violated. 


Student Commitment At Williston Trinity Christian School, we believe that there is right and wrong. We believe that there are moral obligations that have their origins in God. We believe that what we say and do affects those around us. We recognize that the Bible teaches principles of behavior and the importance of self-control (Colossians 3:5-8).

As a student at Williston Trinity Christian School, with God’s help, I agree to: 1. Keep my cell phone/iPod and all other electronic devices TURNED OFF and in my locker during designated hours. 2. Follow dress code policy. 2. Be honest at all times and not deceitful. 3. Respect the property of others and not misuse or steal it. 4. Respect and preserve the emotional and sexual integrity of myself and others. 5. Preserve personal purity. 6. Respect and respond properly to authority through spirit, tone of voice, facial expression, and content of my speech. 7. Approach the school and its program with a positive Christian attitude in action, word, and appearance. 8. Approach all social media websites and posts with strong Christian accountability. 9. I will refrain from bullying others in any form. I certify that I have read and will abide by the above Student Commitment, whether at school, home, or elsewhere. I will respect and abide by the guidelines and rules as outlined in the Williston Trinity Christian School handbook, or be subject to disciplinary measures.