Why Continuous Enrollment (CE)?
Williston Trinity Christian School has adopted a new way to re-enroll our current students going into grades 1-12, starting with the 2020/21 school year. We understand and are thankful that many Crusader families choose to remain at WTCS through graduation, so we are moving towards a simple, seamless process for you to keep your children enrolled with us. You will now be able to enjoy a Continuous Enrollment (CE) system, reducing paperwork and hopefully making enrollment logistically very convenient.

What do I get out of CE?

  • Simplicity! We look forward to serving WTCS families by moving towards a simple, seamless process for you to keep your children enrolled with us.
  • Guaranteed placement. By opting into CE, you’ll be locking down that coveted seat for your child until graduation.

What is the Continuous Enrollment Fee (CEF)?
The CEF, formerly the registration fee, secures placement for the upcoming year. This fee is collected in order to assist the WTCS administration in effectively planning for staffing and curriculum for the upcoming school year.  At this time, there is also a curriculum/materials fee due before June 1st.  This can be added to your FACTS account to be drawn in February, March, April or May.

How is the Continuous Enrollment Fee (CEF) collected?
One CEF per student is due with your signed contract. In future years, there is the option to add the CEF to your FACTS account to be drawn each February.  The CEF amount will be published each January.

What happens if I haven’t signed my Continuous Enrollment Contract (CEC) by the first Tuesday in February (our open enrollment date)?
The student will not be considered enrolled in the upcoming school year’s class. Once the CEC is signed and the CEF is paid, the student will then be officially enrolled in his or her class, as space is available.

Is the Continuous Enrollment Fee (CEF) refundable?
Once paid, the yearly CEF is non-refundable, except when contingent on financial aid. The financial aid contingency is only in effect when the “FACTS Grant & Aid” application and supporting documents are submitted and verified by the last day of April each enrolling year.

What if I am behind on my account?
All accounts must be current in order to keep your CE status active. Students will not be considered enrolled for the upcoming school year until accounts are current and the CEF is paid.

What will the tuition be next year?
Rates for the following year will be determined and posted to the website by mid January.

When can I apply for financial aid?
Currently enrolled families may complete the application for financial aid any time after February 15. The application must be completed and verified by “FACTS Grant and Aid” by the April 30th deadline. New families may apply after receiving acceptance for enrollment.

My child is in preschool/prekindergarten. Will I have a Continuous Enrollment (CE)?
No, CE does not apply to preschool/prekindergarten students.

I want my current prekindergartener to attend Kindergarten at WTCS. What do I need to do?
Complete a regular K-12 registration form, along with any new family/student paperwork and submit by the first Tuesday in February. Your family will need to complete a “New Family Interview” with the Principal to determine acceptance.

I am enrolling a new sibling (grades K-12). What do I need to do?

  • Complete the K-12 Registration Form to enroll.  Next year you will only need to sign the CE contract.
  • Preschool/prekindergarten siblings will need to complete the PS/PK registration form.
  • To maintain priority sibling status, complete the registration by the start of Open Enrollment, the first Tuesday in February.

What if my student(s) is/are not returning next year after I have signed the CE contract?

  • Once you notify the Admissions Director of your intent to withdraw, you will receive an email with a link to the “Intent to Withdraw Form.” You must reconcile your tuition and fees account before the withdrawal is final. Requests for the transfer of student records and year-end report cards will be processed only when a student’s account with Williston Trinity Christian School is paid in full.
  • If a student withdraws from school after the second week of the new school year, tuition is assessed for the actual days enrolled. However, if a refund is necessary, the equivalent of one month’s tuition is non-refundable and will be deducted from that balance. The parent/guardian will be billed for any outstanding balance of fees.

I have questions not answered here. Who do I contact?
Contact Sheri Moonen in the school office at 701.774.7096 or email smoonen@wtcsnd.org.