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The following scholarships are available to WTCS Students.  As more arrive in the Dean of Student’s office, we will add them to our website.  If you have any questions, feel free to talk to Jamie Weflen or Jeremy Weflen at 701-774-9056.

Added 4/19/16

2016 American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship

2016 ND Rural Water Systems Association


Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation 2016


Scholarship information is provided as a courtesy and updated as information is provided to our school and time allows. Web addresses are provide to give you the most complete and accurate information.

Tips for Searching for Scholarships

DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH BEFORE SPENDING YOUR MONEY. Almost all scholarship information is available for free, whether in the directories at the library or on the Internet.  Don’t pay for scholarship searches.

DO NOT FALL FOR CLAIMS THAT “GUARANTEE” A SCHOLARSHIP. Any “guarantee” claim should include qualifications or disclaimers.

NEVER GIVE CREDIT CARD INFORMATION TO SOMEONE TO HOLD A SCHOLARSHIP. A scholarship is free money for college – you should never have to pay for one, nor should you ever give out credit card or bank account information on the phone unless you made the call and know who you’re talking to.

DO NOT PAY FOR THE FAFSA OR TO HAVE SOMEONE FILL IT OUT FOR YOU.  The FAFSA is available for free, either online at or on paper.  Even though there are Web sites that offer to complete the FAFSA for you for a fee – you still have to collect all the information yourself, so you really won’t be saving any time.  Once you have the information, completing the application is easy.

BE SKEPTICAL OF COLLEGE FINANCIAL PLANNING “SEMINARS.”  While some are put on by reputable companies, others are not.  Just be careful you’re not pressured into paying hundreds of dollars for information that’s readily available for free.

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The Gabriel Dye Memorial Scholarship
The Gabriel Dye Memorial Scholarship is in memory of TCS 2010 High School Graduate Gabriel Dye.  Please request an application from the school office.
More scholarship information will be added as the school year progresses.