Science Fair 2017 (2)2016-17 Regional Science Fair was held on Tuesday, Feb. 28th at Williston State College. Williston Trinity Christian School sent 7th & 8th grade as well as a freshman. Here are the official results:
State Qualifiers:
High School – Andra Smith (9th)
Junior High – Larissa Penner (8th), Molly Setchfield (7th) & Lindsey Nelson (7th)
1st Alternate – Caleb Babcock (8th)
Special Awards:
Andra Smith (9th) – US Metric Award, United State Navy Award
Molly Setchfield (7th) – United States Navy Award
Collin Shirk (7th) – The United States Air Force Award
Larissa Penner (8th) – Broadcom Masters Award
Great job Crusaders!!