January 2018:  WTCS High School Math Department is excited to announce their acceptance of the Herman Family Oil grant for the second year in a row. Mrs. Ransom wrote for the grant last year and was awarded the funds to update all high school math curriculum including teacher materials. This year Mrs Ransom wrote for the grant for technology the math department needed to ensure our students are getting a proper enrichment in STEM.

The funds were used to purchase an interactive TV screen, a teaching tablet, a document camera, 15 TI Nspire calculators that include the connectivity hats and teacher software, and 10 TI 84 CE calculators. The document camera will have voice and picture recording that Mrs. Ransom plans to use to record her daily lessons so students can rewatch online when they are out sick or for learning enrichment. She also plans to create a borrow program starting the 2018-2019 school year with the TI 84 Plus CE calculators for those who are unable to purchase one as they are required for Algebra II or higher courses. The TI Nspire calculators will start being used in the Algebra II courses immediately.

“I am so excited to grow our math department by bringing it up to date with technology. Our students will be more skilled and ready for college as many college’s use these devices currently. They will understand how to connect worldly problems to technology which will help those entering a career that uses these fields. Together this technology will help those that are struggling with math as well as those that need more challenge. Ultimately this will help grow our STEM program and bring us well into the 21st Century here at WTCS. I continue to strive to advocate for my students needs and look for ways to help us stay current with what our world is offering. Thank you Herman Family Oil Grant for continuing to support my program and our school.”


November 2016 – In Applied Math, WTCS is doing a program called Banzai. It is a real life scenario game where students have a checking account, job and have to pay for bills. First International Bank & Trust is sponsoring the program!  THANK YOU!!

Hess Corporation of Tioga/Williston, presented 12  laptop computers to Williston Trinity Christian School for elementary, junior high and high school students to use as part of our math and science education.

“It is important for students thess-mrs-corneliuseno have access to tools and resources they need early on to learn and build a strong educational foundation, “ said Steve McNally, Hess General Manager.  “We hope these computers help Williston Trinity Christian School and its teachers inspire the next generation to pursue a higher education or future career in math or science.”

WTCS is comprised of over 280 students.  The school does not receive state or federal funds so we rely on donations from the community.  The laptop computers will provide students the opportunity to use graphing programs to collect and analyze large quantities of data and perform virtual labs.

“We believe these new computers will truly make a difference in the way we are able to teach our students,” said Melissa Corneliusen, WTCS science teacher.  “Greater access to computers and exposure to graphing programs will help build students’ interest in math and science.  When equipment is available, students will be able to participate in virtual labs in a safe environment.”

Hess is committed to giving back to local communities and local schools to help build North Dakota’s workforce for the future.