WTCS Families and Supporters;

Williston Trinity Christian School has always prided itself in academic excellence and setting higher achievement standards for our students.  We have amazing students, and fantastic teachers. WTCS would like to take a step further and truly go after the enhancement of our math scores school-wide.  The future is changing; and so much of our student’s futures will involve math, science, and technology.  We would like to see our students reach a higher academic level in their math education.

Attached you will find our school-wide Math Action Plan.  This plan sets in place a two year system to achieve the goal of helping our students reach academic excellence.  Education takes a village, and our WTCS families are a very vital piece in that village.  We are happy to enter into this plan as a WTCS Team! If you have any questions regarding our Math Action Plan, please e-mail

Thank you for your continued support,
WTCS Administration and Teachers


To view the plan, click below:

WTCS Math Action Plan 2016 – 2018