“There are many reasons we choose to send our kids to Trinity, but the most important reason is that we are doing it out of obedience to the Lord.  We prayed long and hard before our children started school, and God very clearly put Trinity in our path and continues to make it clear that this is where our kids belong.  Having our kids at Trinity gives them the opportunity to be educated in a “spiritual boot camp” environment to help prepare them for the spiritual battles they will face in their lives.  One of the prayers we pray over our kids often is that they will grow to know God and His voice, and it just makes sense to us to send them to school in a place where God is given glory and acknowledged in every aspect of their education.

The three places we spend the majority of our time are home, school, and church.  Because we have chosen Christian education, our children are able to see that these three places are all giving them the same message: God needs to be central to everything in their lives.  It is a blessing to know that our children spend time in Bible class daily and go to chapel weekly, but it is an even greater blessing to know that they are learning history and science through a Biblical lens and to know that in their reading lessons, Bible stories are used and God’s values and morals are taught.   “God things” aren’t separate from academic things.  They are seeing God in academics. 

In addition to all of that, the people who are investing into our children are wonderful and it is obvious that they truly care about our kids by the many ways they go above and beyond as they do their jobs.  It is wonderful to have our kids educated in a smaller school atmosphere where we have many opportunities to be involved and get to know the people who have so much influence over our children.  It feels like a family and we really like that.

And when I was trying to come up with one word about Trinity, I had to make it two words.  “Worth it” is how I would describe our experience at Trinity.  It is a sacrifice, but it is so worth it.  It does cost us, but we know the investment is well worth it in light of eternity.”

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