Williston Trinity Christian School Continuous Enrollment Contract (one per student)

By signing the Continuous Enrollment Contract (CE), Parents/Legal Guardians agree to the following:

  • I hereby opt into CE. This means I agree to the CE Policies and that my Williston Trinity Christian School student will remain at WTCS until graduation unless I tell the school otherwise.
  • I understand that I have until the first Tuesday in February every year to notify Williston Trinity Christian School’s Admissions Director of any changes in my plans of CE for my child without paying the CEF.
  • I understand that financial contracts signed for the upcoming school year will apply to all years going forward until such time as I have notified WTCS of any changes or my plans to withdraw my child.  This includes FACTS payments continuing on a 12-month payment cycle of June – May.
  • As this is a new endeavor for WTCS and the process will need to be reviewed, I will be notified in a timely manner of any proposed changes/adjustments to Continuous Enrollment.
  • If I withdraw my child after July 31st, I understand that the CEF & curriculum/materials fees are non-refundable in addition to one-month tuition.
  • If I withdraw my child from school after the second week of the new school year, tuition is assessed for the actual days enrolled. However, if a refund is necessary, the equivalent of one month’s tuition is non-refundable and will be deducted from that balance. Any outstanding balance of fees will be billed to the FACTS account.
  • Unique Circumstances:  Williston Trinity Christian School recognizes that family plans change. For the following circumstances, families withdrawing after June 1st will be exempt from additional financial penalties (CEF & curriculum/materials fee remain non-refundable):
  • Educational needs for the student that can no longer be met at Williston Trinity Christian School as determined by the WTCS Administration
  • Withdrawal at the request of Williston Trinity Christian School
  • A relocation of 50 miles or more from the family’s current address
  • The family has completed the application for FACTS Financial Aid by the April 30th deadline, and it has been determined that the amount is not sufficient

Each Parent/Legal Guardian has read this agreement carefully and agrees to its terms.

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Parent/Guardian Signature______________________________ Date_________ 

Parent/Guardian Signature______________________________ Date_________