Volunteer/Service Hours

WTCS relies heavily on volunteerism and parental involvement. This allows us to keep expenses low and tuition affordable. It is essential that parents take part as WTCS does not receive any state or federal tax dollars. It is a labor of love for all families. WTCS has been blessed with a wide range of Spirit-gifted individuals who have given unselfishly of their time and resources to make the school a success. Please review the list of volunteer opportunities and current needs, then contact the office and let them know where you can get involved.

  • special event coordinators/workers (fall & spring homecoming; fine arts night/pie fest; end of school year picnic & more!)
  • Campbell’s Labels, Coke, Cashwise collectors & counters
  • Blade parking lot
  • Plowing parking lot in the winter
  • Shoveling snow from sidewalks in the mornings
  • At home help
  • Donuts with Dad (2 helpers to serve/clean up) – Friday, November 18 from 7:30am until 8:30am
  • Muffins with Mom (2 helpers to serve/clean up)- Friday, December 16 from 7:30am until 8:30am
  • Bakers to bake muffins for Muffin with Mom.
  • Deliver food donations to Salvation Army, anytime week of Nov. 14th
  • Serve lunch & help clean up lunchroom, most days in Nov. & Dec.
  • Serve concessions at HOME basketball games
  • Basketball bookkeeper – fun & easy way to earn volunteer hours; includes free supper!
  • Cleaning classrooms & vacuuming hallways – 1-hr. afterschool, daily.  Can split between volunteers, make it once or twice a week, very flexible.
Whet Wednesday Bakers:

Every year the Project Classroom Committee (PCC) bakes and sells treats after school for 50 cents. These funds go towards purchasing reusable items for the classrooms. $5 Whet Wed punch cards may be purchased in the office or students may bring the money with them on Wednesdays. We need bakers for this, so if you are interested in getting service hours for baking.

Submit Service Hours
For questions concerning Service Hours, please contact Sheri Moonen in the office at 701-774-9056.To submit your hours, send the following information via email to smoonen@tcsnd.orgName:
Brief description of work done:
Hours worked:
Date the work was done:If you would like to know the number of hours you have submitted, please send an email to Sheri and she will let you know.  Thank you!