2017-2018 Referral Program

2017-2018 Referral Program (Printable)


Hand Pick Your Child’s classmates &

And Earn Free Tuition In doing so…

$1000 per referral K-12

(or $250 for preschool)

Up to one full semesters tuition can be earned


How to refer:

  • Encourage friends, family, neighbors to join the WTCS community and see how God is using WTCS to transform lives, strengthen families, and local church bodies.
  • Arrange a personal tour for the prospective family.
  • Return this referral form to the school office prior to the new family application being submitted to WTCS. The new family must indicate the name of the family making the referral on the application for enrollment.


Who is eligible?

  • All currently enrolled families.
  • Referred families may not have been previously enrolled in WTCS for at least 1 year.
  • Referred student(s) must be accepted and eligible for enrollment and be enrolled for a minimum of one full semester.
  • Acceptance subject to available space and completion of the registration process.



  • For each family referred and enrolled, you will receive a $1,000 benefit (or $250 for preschool) applied to your tuition account during the second semester.
  • Referrals may equal up to one full semester, per child. You will receive free tuition for that student for the 2nd semester of the school year.
  • New student(s) must be enrolled for one full semester and be in good financial standing before the benefit is applied.