Last week, WTCS held an All School Chapel on Tues., Feb. 15th where we all gathered together in prayer for the ACSI Day of Prayer. This is an annual event through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) which invites everyone to UNITE & PRAY for Christ-centered education. During the special chapel time, the high school prayer team, the middle school choir, and the elementary students all shared special music and several staff members prayed over different areas of the school.

In addition to chapel, the entire day was focused on prayer:

  • Students & staff gathered together during the 6:45 CRU, a weekly breakfast & Bible study group for grades 6-12.
  • Teachers were encouraged to do a prayer walk with their students.
  • Parents & community members were invited to participate in an 18-hour prayer time.

Below are specific areas of prayer led by WTCS teachers & staff:

Campus Chaplain Adam Coughlin prayed over the leadership team and the office staff. He prayed for unity and for them to be encouraged in their daily lives.

School Administrator Mr. Jeremy Thomas prayed over the finances of the school. He thanked God for His faithful provision and prayed for wisdom to know how to be good stewards of God’s gifts to the school.  He prayed that people would be willing to invest time, skills, abilities, talents, and finances so that WTCS can continue to equip students to go out into the world as Kingdom Builders. 

Music teacher Mr. Glaeden Boyd prayed over the music, arts, and tech departments.  He prayed that students would grow in their abilities and be able to show those around them that these are gifts from God and that they can be used to show His glory and beauty.

Physical education teacher Mr. Jordan Foster prayed over the athletics of the school.  He thanked God for the ability to participate in all the activities offered and prayed that the student athletes would shine the light of Jesus to their teammates and the spectators at their activities.

Vice-principal Mrs. Angela Nible prayed over the Elementary school teachers and students.  She prayed that the teachers would remember what an honor it is to teach God’s little ones.  She also prayed that each student would have a mind open to learn and a heart ready to receive from Jesus.

High school history teacher Mrs. Breann Coughlin prayed over the English, Spanish, and History departments.  She dedicated them to the Lord and prayed that the students would develop critical thinking skills, discernment, and have the desire to learn. She prayed that the teachers would have the wisdom they need to teach.  She prayed for creativity and for everyone involved to learn to communicate effectively. 

Sophomore Elliott Coughlin prayed over the math and science departments.  She thanked the Lord for good teachers who build up the students as they teach.

Music and junior high Bible teacher Mr. Marc Anderson prayed over the Bible classes and chapels that these times would equip students to go out and share the love to Jesus with others.

Third grader teacher Mrs. Heidi Lee prayed over the families at WTCS.  She prayed that every family would be rooted in Christ, focused on Him and that each person would take time to pray, be in God’s presence, and experience His love and goodness.  She ended her prayer with this quote – “May our children see Jesus in us and may we see Jesus in our children.”

Please continue to be in prayer for WTCS this week.  Pray that we can represent Christ well to the community of Williston.