Crusader Families: Here is some weather-related information taken from the student handbook. If you have any questions, feel free to Facebook message, email, or call the office at 701-774-9056.

*Students are required to go outside during recess unless the air temperature and/or wind chill is – 10° or colder. It is important that students be properly dressed during cold weather.

*During inclement weather, students need a separate pair of shoes to be worn inside the building. Snow boots will be worn during recess and shoes during class time.

*If the temperature is below 32° students MUST have a heavier winter coat, hat, gloves, coat, and appropriate shoes. If student isn’t properly dressed, parents will be notified.

*If there is a need for early dismissal or school closure due to the weather, parents will be notified via Bright Arrow (PowerSchool operated phone/text messaging system). If you have changed your phone number or email recently, please notify the front office.

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