WTCS Welcomes John Washington!

WTCS is excited to welcome JOHN WASHINGTON into the CRUSADER family as the PE Teacher, Athletic Director & Middle School Football Coach!

Mr. Washington is a Texas Christian University alumni with three years of NFL experience. He has accumulated more than 15 years of combined coaching, teaching, leading, inspiring, and motivating students into becoming better citizens.

What will Mr. Washington bring to WTCS?

*Consistently shown to provide leadership for students by exemplifying daily examples of winning character.

*Utilizes the ability of coaching sports to implement life lessons to help students stay motivated & focused in hopes of living a prosperous life.

*Led multiple track teams to state championship competitions on the junior high & high school level as well as football & basketball district champions.

*Implemented athletic training programs that had an immediate impact in the overall performance of student-athletes.

*Dedicated professionally and totally committed to inspiring & motivating the minds of our youth.

It is going to be an AMAZING year at WTCS! Join us today!


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