“Strings a step towards a symphony orchestra” – Williston Herald, 12/19/17

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By Jamie Kelly editor@willistonherald.com

If you ask Cory Fleck, the principal of Williston Trinity Christian School, how Meriel Lora ended up as the school’s newest music teacher, he has no doubt.

“It was a God thing,” Fleck said.

The school had put a listing out for a teacher who could help the school start an orchestra, but nothing had worked out. Fleck saw Lora’s resume and saw that he hadn’t clicked on it yet. When he did, he was impressed.


“I thought, ‘I gotta call this guy,’” Fleck recalled.

He did, and the interview went well. Now Lora, who has a master’s degree in orchestra conducting, is part of Williston Trinity’s faculty, taking on the task of teaching students of all ages how to play violin, viola and cello. There is a strings class with 16 students, others come during a study hall, and still more take lessons after school.

“The ages all vary,” Lora said. “The youngest is 6.”

The school already had a band program, so the strings students will eventually join with them to create the only youth symphony in town.

Fleck said that with families coming to Williston from all over the country, the school wanted to offer more music options. With Williston High School already having a strong music program, school leaders wanted to find a niche they could fill.

Lora has already dove into the lessons and has big plans.

“He’s taken ownership of this room and of the program,” Fleck said.

Lora hopes to create a cultural center for the community, a place where people can come together from all across Williston.

One of his ideas is that in addition to a youth symphony, the school can find local musicians interested in creating a community orchestra.

“That’s something I’m interested in starting as soon as I can,” Lora said.

He would like to see more opportunities for everyone to get involved in the arts, but especially students.

“I know the power of music,” Lora said. “I know how important it is in a child’s education and life in general. That’s something I’m very passionate about.”

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