All School Christmas Concert – TONIGHT, Tues., Dec. 5th

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TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!  All School Christmas Concert begins at 6:15pm with K-6th grade.  7th-12th grade will follow at approximately 7:45pm.

From Mrs. Richards, K-6 music teacher:  5th & 6th grade band students who are playing in the Prelude should arrive at 5:50pm, quickly warm up their instruments in the band room, and sit on the gym bleachers by 6:00pm.  The Prelude begins at 6:00pm.  Other 5-6th grade students and all K-4 students should arrive at 6:00pm and sit in their designated class area on the bleachers.

Actors will be changing into costumes very quickly after their band/boomwhacker performances.  Costumes will be on a hanging rack next to the bleachers.   Thank you so much, parents, for all you are doing to make this happen!  You are appreciated!

From Mr. Lora:  7-8 grade band students need to be in the band room by 6:00pm.  They should wear all black and may add a festive detail (christmas hat, tie, etc.).  7/8th grade choir students need to be upstairs by 6:30pm.  They should wear an ugly sweater with black bottoms.  9th-12th grade music students should arrive by 6:45pm.  The 7th-12th music program will begin at approximately 7:45pm.

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