Williston Herald: Beau Knows Marauders TTC Football Star Lands with Mary

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Williston Herald Feb 1

Read article here:  Williston Herald: Beau Knows Marauders TTC Football Star Lands With Mary

by Jeffrey Guiliani, Williston Herald, February 2, 2017


“He was a 6-foot-5 wide receiver. God only makes so many of those.”

When the Trenton-Williston Trinity Christian Tigers football team traveled to the University of Mary for a seven-on-seven tournament, Beau Skurdal stood out to Marauders head coach Josh Kotelnicki.

Figuratively and literally.

Skurdal made a strong impression on Kotelnicki, which lead to an offer that Skurdal officially signed on Wednesday afternoon in front of family and friends at Williston Trinity Christian School.

“We always like to have bigger receivers,” Kotelnicki said. “He certainly fits the bill. He is a good academic kid, which is important to us. He will be a good cultural fit. He’s got good size, good hands, good grades. Those things in my experience usually add up to a successful career.”

That much is clear. The 2016 Marauders had four receivers taller than 6-foot. Skurdal at 6-foot-5 would have been the tallest of the bunch.

For Skurdal, signing on the dotted line was the culmination of a difficult journey after struggling with injuries, particularly his senior season.

“It’s been a tough trip,” he said. “Missing my senior year was tough. But it feels good. I felt like there was something better popping up. I was keeping a positive attitude.”

At the signing was Evan Amdahl, Skurdal’s head coach with the Tigers. He could only beam with pride as his three-time offensive captain inked his name.

“Whenever you have an athlete move on and play at the next level, it’s always a fun and exciting time,” Amdahl said. “The hard work, everything you do for the student athlete, it pays off. You don’t get paid much to coach at the high school level, but this is the stuff that pays big dividends.”

There is no doubt Amdahl will keeping tabs on Skurdal’s career and the Marauders football program.

“Absolutely. No matter where I am, it will be fun to watch,” he said. “All the kids that have come through and I coach, you tend to keep track of them. Social media makes it a lot easier to keep track.”

Skurdal will make the transition from North Dakota’s nine-man football to the full 11-on-11 variety.

Kotelnicki does not believe the learning curve is too steep, citing the 2001 UND national championship team he captained that featured plenty of former nine-man gridiron stars.

“It will be a lot different actually running an offense with [Mary],” Skurdal said. “It’s going to be tougher. There won’t be as many holes in the defense.”

Skurdal, also a star center on the basketball court for the Williston Trinity Christian Crusaders, decided to stick with football where his height would truly be an advantage.

“There aren’t a lot of 6-foot-5 centers in college basketball,” he said.

The Mary Marauders could lean on their recruiting class early as they try to rebound from a 1-10 season in 2011 where they scored just 10 points per game.

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